It's been a while, musings on 2021 and some other things I'm excited about at the intersection of cities, community, climate and innovation.
Everyone is talking about mobility tech, what is it and what can we expect as it continues to expand?
A Biden Administration and its meaning for the future of urban and climate innovation.
A look at significant developments in urban innovation that defined advancements in the space this year and opportunities in 2021.
Lots have changed since my last newsletter and in this issue, I dive into some exciting personal updates, forecasts for innovation across cities as we…
A look at the future of sustainable and inclusive cities in my latest essay for The Milken Institute's Power of Ideas series & strategies for…
An undeniable truth about mobility in cities is its interconnectedness with infrastructure. This discussion with Cindy McLaughlin, CEO explores this…
The story behind Urban Underpinnings and a look at how to move our cities forward through the communities who innovate daily.
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Urban Underpinnings